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3D2N in Malang City

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Long weekend. Lets talk about a trip to Malang City. This city is my second hometown, since i was  continues my study here. Usually i stay at Brawijaya Hotel because it near my activity at my Campus. But now i don’t have to do in Brawijaya University, so lets find other Hotel.


If you are a low budget traveler / backpacker , First i recommended you to Kosabra Home Stay with costed under 100.000. So cheap, but it located far from city activity.

Second, Richie Hotel. Its located near the City Hall that we called Alun-Alun Kota as central activity of this city. Unfortunately, this hotel full booked to day.

So, i ask abang Becak that recommended me to Malinda Hotel which is too far from Alun-Alun. Its cost range from 110.000 to 200.000, as same as Richie. This hotel look like an old building, but they use computerize door. Unique door system with a magnetic key that make me scare. O_o

I like to visit religious and historical place. If you arrived at Malang City in Friday Afternoon and back to leave in Sunday afternoon, this is my recommendation Itinerary. :

Friday Afternoon | Visit Kayu Tangan Complex :

–      Arrived at Malang City
–      Eng An Kiong old Chinese Temple (Kelenteng) at Jl. Martadinata 1
–      Kayu Tangan old Church
–      Jami’ Mosque, biggest mosque of Malang City

Friday Night | Visit Alun-Alun Kota

–      Alun-alun Kota. This is like night market every night. We can find merchandise, food, or toy with cheap price here.
–      If we are lucky, we can watching Jaran Kepang, one of East Java culture attraction.

Saturday Morning | Malang culinary at Pasar Besar

–      You have to try Ketan Bubuk, sticky rice with coconut and soybean powder on top, or my favorite with milk and cheese on top. Hmm.. delicious! We can find it at gerobak Ketan Kudusan in front off Alkatar Shop.
–      Find Kupang Soup or Madurese style Soup. This is originally soup from Madura.
–      Bentoel Museum at Jl. Wiromargo 32.

Saturday Afternoon | Alun-Alun Tugu.

–      Tugu Monument with Lotus park around.
–      Senaputra Park at  Jl. Kahuripan 1
–      Malang Tempo Doloe Museum Jl Gajah Mada 2

Saturday Night | Taman Krida Budaya.

–      Dinner with Bakso Bakar at Jl. Pahlawan Trip.
–      Taman Krida Budaya. Watching Ludruk or other artistic culture of East Java.

Sunday Morning | Boulevard Ijen

–      Tugu Sunday Market at Jl. Semeru (only on Sunday Morning from 06.00 to 11.00). We can find Angsle, ronde, serabi, nasi pecel, Tahu Telor, Putu, Klepon, Lupis or other various snack that originally from Malang. Cheap and delicious. Aaaaaaaaaaaaakkk.. its my little heaven in Sunday.
–      Brawijaya Museum at Jl. Ijen 25A

Sunday Afternoon | Ice cream time

–      Toko Oen. Old Ice cream shop
–      Check out and leave Malang City.

Although you just have a busy time, I hope you enjoy this City.


Note: Check the underlined word in Wikipedia.


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